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The Caledonian Club is a group of Scottish Country dancers based in Prague.

Počátky Caledonian ClubuThe activities of the Caledonian Club date back to 1998 when, under the guidance of RSCDS teacher Moira Leith, its members began performing at the Czech Caledonian Society's Burn's Supper, the celtic Beltine Festival and at the regular Scottish dance evenings held at the Všebarácnická rychta in Prague.

Over the years the Caledonian Club has performed at the British Embassy's annual Queen's Birthday Party, at the Highland Games at Sychrov Castle, as well as at balls and other social events. In addition to performing Scottish Country dances, members of the Caledonian Club also teach them as, for example, at the British Council's ceilidh, a ball sponsored by Commercial Union and the Highland Games at Sychrov.

Skotské hry, Sychrov 2001The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, based in Edinburgh, works to keep Scottish Country dancing alive. These often difficult dances are an indelible part of Scottish culture and no social event in Scotland is complete without them. Scottish country dances are characterised by set formations and the geometric symmetry of their dance formations as well as a certain elegance and gracefulness. The clothing worn by dancers, including kilts and other accessories typical of traditional Scottish attire, adds to the attraction of the dances outside Scotland.